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About us

Say hello to the passionate people behind Creditspring

Neil Kadagathur and Aravind Chandrasekaran founded Creditspring in 2016, leaving the world of corporate finance behind in the search for something more. They saw that millions of people in the UK were being punished by unsafe, expensive and complicated credit, so they set to do something about it.

Neil spent 12 years at Goldman Sachs after studying at Princeton, and Aravind worked for a number of banks and hedge funds for 10 years after leaving Oxford. During their careers, they noticed that consumer credit wasn’t seeing anywhere near as much innovation as the rest of the financial industry, and ordinary people were being left behind.

So, they decided to use their experience to change that. Creditspring was born as a way to improve peoples’ lives through better access to finance, starting with reimagining the way people borrow.

Advisory board.
We are fortunate to have the advice and support of the following industry experts.

Chip Dunn

Chairman at Creditspring, Former CEO of BDT Company International

Chip has over 22 years of experience in principal investing, M&A and family strategic advisory. He has professionally partnered with founder-led businesses across the world and has extensive insight into how a company can expand and grow.

Brian Norton

Tech Finance Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Future Finance

Brian is a tech and finance entrepreneur with a passion for building new stuff and leading great teams. He started Future Finance, the first European private student lending company.

Parag Pathak

John Bates Clark Medalist, 2018.

Professor of Microeconomics at MIT, founding co-director of the NBER Working Group on Market Design and founder of MIT’s School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative. Ranked as one of the top 25 economists under the age of 45 by the IMF.

Jason M. Wortendyke

Global Co-head of Industrials, Automotive and Aerospace Defence, Credit Suisse

Jason Wortendyke is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking and Capital Markets division, based in Chicago.